iBikeshop Features - Orders

Each and every product you feature in your site will be available for visitors to select to add to their shopping cart IF a price is defined.

Products with multiple sizes and/or colours additionally feature a selector for each relevant option, enabling visitors to select different variants of the same products.

Visitors selecting products are NOT transported off to an order page forcing them to browse back to where they were, the same page is reloaded.

Visitors who select items have a clear and unambiguous representation of how many items they have selected AND the P&P charges for their selection.

If visitors wish to adjust the quantity of an item selected, they can do it from anywhere that product appears.

The contents of a customers cart is maintained whilst ever they are active within your site, as long as there is no greater than a 30 minute break in activity OR the visitor closes their browser screens. Old shopping carts are purged from the database after 24 hours.

Once visitors have finished selecting, they begin the order process. This is a 3 (or 4) stage process:
For standard and secure order methods, an email is despatched to the customer with details of their order, including costs. For secure orders, an additional email is despatched from the secure server to confirm successful receipt of their payment details.

Order Management

To enable a product to be selected by visitors, you must provide at least one of the following within the product record:
Each time an order is placed, the system will send you TWO emails. One which carries the quick admin link to your back-office and a second which is addressed from the customer and can be used to contact them. If the order is placed via the secure server, a third email is also despatched direct from the secure server.

Using the quick admin link in the notification email will take you straight to that specific order, the order will be displayed and the system will prompt you to print it out. If the order was placed via the secure server, the order details page will also carry the login link to enable you to collect the payment details ready for processing.

Once an order has been viewed once, the system automatically updates its status to "PENDING".

Pending orders pass through a sequence of stages, although this sequence can be short-cut if necessary. From Pending, an order is set to "ACCEPTED" by the retailer and a system generated email can be sent to the customer to inform them of this change. A retailer may also DECLINE an order.

ACCEPTED orders sit in queue, readily accessible from the main order admin screen with retailers able to add comments to the order which may be either for internal use OR comments keeping the customer informed of progress. Where an order looks like taking some time to complete, its' status can be set to "AWAITING STOCK".

Once an order has been completed, the retailer enters the shipping details, the carrier and tracking number, and clicks a single button to mark the order as completed. This triggers the sending of a completion email to the customer.

You can search for ANY order placed by using the order search facility, specifying any combination of the following;
The system will also allow you to view those orders placed as FAX orders, although these are for reference purposes only.

All of the automated emails are fully editable with a wide range of automated content (the insertion of specific details relating to the individual order).

A retailer creates their own carriers list and a list of staff. Comments are assigned to staff members to aid in clarity.

Orders which are no longer required can be deleted.

A statistics panel exists on the main order admin screen which details:

Page Updated: Tuesday 3 August 2010

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