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i-BikeShop Home :: i-BikeShop. The only online bicycle retail "off the shelf" website solution.
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Impartial advice for anyone looking to buy a bike for themselves, a first bicycle for their children or those just looking for general advice regarding all the bike techno-babble!

i-BikeShop Home

No HTML Knowledge Required!

From the outset, it was important to provide a system capable of allowing ANY LEVEL OF USER to be able to manage their site. As a result, the system will take care of all the html (the language used to write web pages) if necessary. More advanced users can select to provide their content in preformatted html, allowing them to further develop the visual side of their pages, but there is absolutely no requirement for this to be carried out.

NOT just for Bike Shops

We called it i-BikeShop because we created it to cater for the specific needs of online bicycle retail, BUT virtually any type of retail could be undertaken using the powerful system we created.

Minimal Fuss and Quick 'Time to Live'

Most i-BikeShops can be online and serving out content WITHIN 72 HOURS*!
"In less than 36 hours my new site went 'live', Wow -  what a service! and they're so helpful too, especially to a computer novice like myself."
"it is a lot cheaper than most packages I have seen recently, the only cheaper ones have been either too basic, or too difficult to use"
"This idea is fantastic and after thinking about it, it will save me money on the current setup we have."

Page Updated: Tuesday 26 February 2008

For more information you can contact us on: info@i-bikeshop.com