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Even the most trivial of stories can provide a little extra glue, keeping your homepage fresh. There's an event you are organising, or a test/open day. Whatever the story is, load it onto your site.

Repeat visitors like to see that a homepage has changed since their last visit, as this provides an indication that other things may have changed too.

Adding a story is simple, just a Headline, and a story! If needed, you can also add a picture, a website URL for more information. You can disable stories if they become too old to be relevant and delete them with ease.

Like the Intro system, you can even provide correctly formatted HTML for a more professional looking article, or just provide plain old text and let the system add the HTML for you.

The news system even interfaces with the mailing list, such that once you've uploaded your story, it will ask whether you want to distribute it to your mailing list.

Page Updated: Thursday 19 October 2006

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