iBikeshop Features - Media Manager

The media manager replacer the previous media browser and was introduced in June 2010.

The media manager allows complete browsing of the images uploaded to the system via any of the back office editors.

There are facilities to create new subfolders, up to five levels deep, and empty folders can be removed.

It is possible to upload an image (GIF, PNG or JPEG) into any subfolder and specify resize dimensions for the uploaded image. All image processing is carried out proprtionately to maintain the aspect ratio of uploaded images.

It is possible to remotely retrieve any image from the internet, by specifying its URL and have it loaded into any subfolder and specify resize dimensions for the retrieved image.

It is possible to upload files (video, excel, word, pdf, zip etc) into any of the subfolders.

When viewing an image or file, the system will check to see whther that file is in use anywhere in the system and report where the usage occurs. Where files are not in use, they may be deleted or renamed.

For all files and images, the display view offers three values:
File path, File URL and Embed tag which gives correct HTML to use when embedding the image/file.

Page Updated: Sunday 11 July 2010

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