iBikeshop Features - Mailing List

A mailing list provides one of the best possible forms of internet marketing that there is. It allows you to keep in touch with your customers, by enabling you to send an email to all subscribers in one easy process.

Visitors are invited to subscribe via the site, and you are also able to add addresses via the back-office. Each address is checked for compliance with recognised email address formatting and any submissions are checked for duplication.

Every message a subscriber receives will carry a single click removal link (just incase they think you are sending them SPAM!) and no list member will ever be aware of the address of any other list member.

Why not collect email addresses in your shop from those who buy from you? Add them to your mailing list via the back-office in one drop (you can add an unlimited number of addresses in one go!) and then keep them regularly informed with minimal effort.

To make use of the mailing list even easier, it is integrates with the news program in such a way that if you add a news article, you can easily send that article out to your mailing list via the simple add-on process.

Any customer ordering from your site is immediately offered the option to subscribe (selected by default) as part of the order process. They may deselect this option if they would prefer to not receive messages

Page Updated: Thursday 19 October 2006

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