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The Home page of any site is by far the most important. Not only does it provide gateways into your site's feature areas, it set your stall out letting people know they have arrived at a suitable site for what they seek.

Keeping your homepage fresh is one of the single most important admin aspects you need to carry out to keep people coming back.

i-BikeShop has a dedicated homepage editor comprising 5 individual systems which can be combined to create any number of possibilities. When combined with "blocks" the homepage editor will help you achieve what you want.

The homepage editor controls the main area of the homepage, between the two blocks panels and above the news panel.

8 controllers enable any or all of:
The interfaces for creating highlights and super-highlights are extremely simple.

Homepage Slides

A popular feature on many websites is the "slide" panel, where a number of visual sections of content share the same space, with each one sliding into and out of view one by one.

i-Bikeshop has an advanced admin system that allows deployment of up to eight slides with full customisation of all aspects, content, speed, direction and control tab appearance.

Each slide may contain *any* content you choose.

Page Updated: Wednesday 2 May 2012

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