iBikeshop Features - Guestbook

Guestbooks can be extremely useful for sites, partiicularly if you have a number of positive comments left. But there is a danger...

Guestbooks are targets for spammers who leave links to their own sites.
To combat this, any message which contains a normally formatted URL will be rejected automatically.
Additionally, we have put in several mechanisms that prevent almost all roboting spam submissions.

Aggrieved customers commonly leave negative comments.
There is a facility to REPLY to any comment left, either to apologise OR put the facts straight.

Some postings are filled with obscene and unsuitable language.
If selected, the guestbook can report each and every message posted to you directly, complete with a link to gain access to either edit or delete it. This saves you having to constantly check the contents.

Not every site owner wishes to have a guestbook.

Simple to turn on and off. This feature is entirely optional.

Page Updated: Thursday 19 October 2006

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