iBikeshop Features - Blocks

What is a "Block"?
A "block" is a small area of self contained content, used primarily upon the homepage of a site giving targeted information or a specific message.

Where are they?
By default, blocks occupy the left and right vertical margins of the homepage, along with the left margin of other pages within the site. These margins occupy approximately 40% of the available width of the page, a strip of 20% on the left and 20% on the right. A configurable option enables you to select whether to display blocks throughout the site.

What do they do?
Basically anything you want them to do. Some may be configured to accept automated feeds from the products database, whereas others are entirely customisable.

What Automated blocks are available?
There are currently a number of automated system driven blocks which are each optional for display. The blocks configuration area carries the controls which determine which blocks are displayed and the content level. These automated blocks are:
In addition to the automated content blocks, there are 4 additional system blocks, 3 of which are bike-shop specific:
What can be placed into a block?
Anything! The editor for blocks will accept either plain typed text, which it will format for you, or you may be a little more adventurous and use correct html. The latter option will allow you to place images and hyperlinks into your blocks. The blocks editor also allows the uploading of an image which it will size correctly for blocks. The blocks editor has space for 2 panels of text with an image between.

What would I use a block for?
There could be a product which you want to permanently appear on your homepage, or you may wish to link into a news article even after it has disappeared from your main notice board listing. In reality, if you want something to appear prominently on your homepage, then a block is the ideal method.

How many can I have?
There is no limit to how many blocks you can have on your pages.

Can I control where they appear, ie the order and left/right placement?
YES. Totally. The blocks editor allows simple movement of blocks up and down and side to side such that you can position blocks in the precise order which best suits your site.
Can I temporarily disable a block?
YES. If, for any reason, you need to turn a block off, ie prevent it from being displayed to site visitors, you may set it to inactive. This in turn means that you may create seasonal blocks which you may turn on at particular times of the year without having to recreate it the next time it is needed.

Can I control placement and display order for automated blocks?
Yes. System block positions are controlled with the same movement controller as custom blocks.
I want blocks to appear on my entire site. Is this possible?
YES. There are three options for block display:

Are there any additional automated features?
Yes. The primary function of a block is to act as a "feature area" however the space available within a block is somewhat limited. The blocks system has therefore been designed to offer automated linking to nominated news articles, static pages, external sites or ANY page within the products system.

Page Updated: Sunday 8 April 2007

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