iBikeshop Features - Backups

Data driven sites are great... until you make a mistake!

Deleted means deleted! Servers *may* experience technical problems causing a loss of data.

Whilst we have systems in place to reduce any risk of server failure to a absolute minimum and take regular "server" level backups, the responsibility for backing up your own site never goes away!

The i-Bikeshop server infrastructure takes care of all of this for you...

Every 24 hours we take a full onsite backup and move the previous 24 hour backup offsite. So, at worst, we can rebuild and repopulate a site with only a maximum of 48 hours data loss... and that would be in a worst case scenario where the server containing your site was irreparably damaged.

Page Updated: Wednesday 2 May 2012

For more information you can contact us on: info@i-bikeshop.com