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About i-Bikeshop

Getting your business onto the internet is becoming an increasingly valuable exercise. Simply having a site which announces the existence of your shop can have a positive effect in driving people through your door. BUT what is it about a website that intrigues potential customers enough to prompt them to travel to your door specifically?

Content is one of the commonest reasons for success. The more information (content) you provide to your site visitors, the more likely they are to feel that there is something worth travelling for. The higher the quality of that content, the higher the quality of visitor you are likely to receive.

i-BikeShop has been developed to allow any shop to easily and quickly establish an internet presence, but more importantly has been developed to allow for a virtually unlimited amount of quality product content. Our aim was to give you the tools to maintain and increase the quantity of content through an intuitive and very easy to operate back-office.

i-Bikeshop is a full blown Content Management System.

Editors for individual systems have been created to ease the path for even the most novice of users.

Many CMS systems promise complete control of your site and in most cases, they do BUT provide only simple systems which require extensive knowledge of HTML to achieve your goals.

i-Bikeshop is different.

Simple to use systems perform individual tasks making editing tasks considerably easier. If you can send email or fill in online forms, you can use i-Bikeshop!

Page Updated: Monday 2 October 2006

For more information you can contact us on: info@i-bikeshop.com